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The University of Vienna (German: Universität Wien) is a public university located in Vienna, Austria. Having opened in 1365, it is one of the oldest universities in Europe. It offers more than 130 courses of study, and is attended by more than 63,000 students. Its unofficial name among many Austrians is Hauptuni (English: "Main Uni").Since 1365 it has grown to a complex organisation of more than 60,000 students and 6,000 employees.

The University of Vienna was founded by Duke Rudolph IV in 1365. It is the oldest university in the German-speaking cultural area and one of the largest in Central Europe.

Currently, about 72,000 students are enrolled at the University of Vienna, in more than 130 courses, of which 34 are Diploma Programmes, 26 Bachelor Programmes, 46 Master Programmes, and 24 Teacher training Programmes.
With close to 8,300 employees, 6,200 of which are scientists and academics, the University of Vienna is the largest teaching and research institution in Austria.

Brief History
The University was founded on March 12, 1365 by Duke Rudolph IV and his brothers Albert III and Leopold III, hence the additional name "Alma Mater Rudolphina". After the Charles University in Prague and Jagellonian University in Krakow, the University of Vienna is the third oldest university in Central Europe and one of the oldest universities in the German-speaking world. (The first with official German language was Charles University in Prague, the oldest in the Holy Roman Empire).

In 1365, Rudolph IV sanctioned a deed of foundation for a doctoral-level university in Vienna, modelled on the University of Paris. However, Pope Urban V did not ratify the deed, specifically in relation to the department of theology, presumably due to pressure exerted by Emperor Charles IV who wished to avoid competition for Prague University. Approval was finally received from the Pope in 1384 and Vienna University was granted the status of a full university (including the theology department). The first university building opened in 1385.

Women were admitted as full students from 1897, although their studies were limited to philosophy. The remaining departments gradually followed suit, although with considerable delay: medicine in 1900, law in 1919, Protestant theology in 1923, and finally Catholic theology in 1946. Eight years after the admission of the first female students, Elise Richter became the first woman to receive habilitation, becoming professor of Romance Languages in 1905; she was also the first female distinguished professor. The first female chair of the university was not awarded until after the Second World War, to physicist Berta Karlik.

The organisational structure of the University of Vienna:

The University of Vienna is divided into 15 faculties, 2 centres and a number of administrative institutions and services.

The departments and institutions of the University of Vienna are situated in over 60 sites across the city of Vienna.

Faculty of Catholic Theology
Faculty of Protestant Theology
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Economic Science
Faculty of Computer Science
Faculty of Historic and Cultural Studies
Faculty of Philology and Cultural Studies
Facutly of Philosophy and Education Science
Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Mathematics
Faculty of Physics
Faculty of Chemistry
Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy
Faculty of Life Sciences

Center for Translation Studies
Center for Sports Science and University Sports

The University of Vienna was placed 65th in the The Times Higher Education Supplement University World Ranking in 2005,rising from 94th place in 2004. Amongst European universities, the University of Vienna was ranked 19th in 2005, up from 31st in 2004. The University is also ranked 40th in the world in the field of biomedicine, and 42nd in the field of social sciences. These world rankings make the University the most highly ranked in Austria.

University of Vienna ranked 85th in the 2007 THES-QS World University Ranking
University of Vienna ranked 115th in the 2008 THES-QS World University Ranking
University of Vienna ranked 132nd in the 2009 THES-QS World University Ranking
University of Vienna ranked 143th in the 2010 QS World University Ranking
University of Vienna ranked 155th in the 2010 QS World University Ranking

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