Technische Universität MÜNCHEN [Munich Technical University]

Technische Universität München (TUM) (English: Technical University of Munich) is a German university, part of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, a society of Germany's leading research universities in Munich.

TUM is among the highest acclaimed universities in Germany, producing several Nobel Laureates including Gerhard Ertl who in 2007 received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.


  • 1868 King Ludwig II founded a 'Polytechnic School' reorganized like a university.
  • 1877 Awarded the designation 'Technical University'.
  • 1901 Granted the right to award doctorates.
  • 1902 Approval of the election of the Principal by the teaching staff.
  • 1930 Integration of the College of Agriculture and Brewing in Weihenstephan.
  • 1942 Christian Probst, Hans Scholl, and Sophie Scholl, of "The White Rose," were arrested and killed by a Nazi Group.
  • 1957 Given the status of a 'public legal body'.
  • 1958 Research Reactor Munich (FRM), Garching officially assigned to the TH München.
  • 1970 Renamed 'Technische Universität München'.
  • 2000 Establishment of Weihenstephan Science Centre for Life & Food Sciences, Land Use and Environment (WZW) belonging to the TUM.
  • 2002 The German Institute of Science and Technology founded in Singapore.
  • 2004 Official opening of TUM's Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II) Neutron Research Source, the world first research neutron source, on March 2.


The TUM, like many German universities, is a "no campus" university. However, with new expansion planned in Garching, more and more departments will be placed into the new buildings in Garching. The Garching campus, unlike the downtown area, is set up more like a traditional "quadrangle" style campus with a large grouping of buildings. At the moment, university buildings are spread over four main and several minor locations:
Main campus in downtown Munich
Garching (Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering...), complete with an on-campus General Electric Company facility
Weihenstephan (Center for Life and Food Science)
Hospital "Rechts der Isar" (Medicine), Munich.


Currently TUM has approx. 21,600 students in undergraduate and graduate programs of which 3,700 are foreign students.

TUM has 395 professors, 4,160 academic and 2,801 non-academic staff.

The TUM is divided into 12 departments:
Business Administration
Civil Engineering and Surveying
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Informatics (Computer Science)
Mechanical Engineering
Medicine with the university hospital "Rechts der Isar"
Sports Science

Weihenstephan Center for Life and Food Science


TUM's first spin-off is the German Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), in Singapore (together with National University of Singapore).

TUM has currently over 130 international partnerships, among them MIT, Stanford University, University of Illinois, Cornell University, National University of Singapore, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University, University of Tokyo, École Centrale Paris, TU Eindhoven, Technical University of Denmark, Technical University of Vienna, University of Melbourne, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology. TUM is also a partner of LAOTSE, an international network for student and senior lecturers among leading European and Asian universities.

TUM is also a member of the TIME network (Top Industrial Managers for Europe).

Technische Universität München ranked 67th in the 2007 THES QS World university Ranking

Technische Universität München ranked 78th in the 2008 THES QS World university Ranking

Technische Universität München ranked 55th in the 2009 THES QS World university Ranking

Technische Universität München ranked 58th in the 2010 QS World university Ranking

Technische Universität München ranked 54th in the 2011 QS World university Ranking

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